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Welcome to the Build Gallery

Get the mini and remove engine. why did we remove the engine through the top when we're going to hack the front off???

Get a bad-ass 160bhp B16A2 Honda VTEC engine

Strip the rest of the car and get Dangerous Dave to strike a pose - "mmmmm, would u like me to lap dance for you?"

Get cutting! Off with the front end, and cut away those arches - this one's gonna be low!

At this point you wait for your special subframe that promises to fit in the VTEC engine aswell as keeping the original length front and run up a huge phone bill by ringing every month "yeah mate, give me a ring next month..." - gonna be a while, might aswell size up dashboards, seats, wheels and arches

After waiting about a year, change of plan - source subframe from america. Designed for left hand drive - could cause problems. But at least it's here and fitted!!

Finally get to fit engine for the first time (using alot of blood, sweat and tears, and a little bit of witch-craft!

If we want an inlet manifold on our engine we have to say goodbye to half the bulkhead and fit a beautiful bit of steve and toby's handiwork (curve provided by garden roller)

Time to refit the engine and check the intake fits in. "Tight like a tiger". We had to grind down casting lugs to gain extra millimetres!!!

Off to the paint shop for the first time of many

At Phoenix Coachwork booked with ML Motorsport. Curly carbon-fibre 2-piece front end gets fitted and the whole lot gets sprayed. Laguna Seca cam-cover (mmmmm lovely!)

Now it's painted and back in it's lock-up, it's time to fit all the sexy bits like the white dials, KAD 4pot brakes, GAZ shocks, Recaro interior and DTA managment

MOT time. Ramps caused a few problems due to ground clearance!

When the Brise Motorsport Fabrication custom ally rad turned up at work it made everyone moist! Time to get it fitted!

Cooling is one of the biggest problems with this conversion, as there really is no space for a radiator (which is why one had to be made specially). Even when using the new rad alongside a second motorbike unit, overheating was still a problem so an ally heat-shield was fabricated to try and divert as much air through the rad as possible

Nearly done - just needs the DTA management set up - off to Track and Road in Dartford!

Check out what we spotted while we were up at the rollers

Job done!

Car Spec:-

1994 mini sprite
Full re-spray in blue with silver roof
De-locked and number plate light removed from boot
Sports pack arches
Curly carbon fibre front and bonnet
Mk 1 grill and surround
Angle Eye headlamps
Chrome bumpers
Chrome door handles
Chrome wiper set
Aston filler cap
Opening rear ¼ light windows
Racing mirrors
Clear front indicator lenses
Tinted rear lenses
Modified and strengthened bulkhead
Tubed rear arches

GAZ shocks
S-Racer springs
Alloy Hi lows
Adjustable heavy duty bottom arms
Adjustable heavy duty tie bars
Polly bushes
Adjustable rear camber brackets

Willwood master cylinder
Mini fin Rear drums
KAD 4 pot callipers (45th birthday red edition)
8.4” Drilled, grooved and vented disks
EBC Pads and Shoes
Over braded hoses

Wheels and Tires
6X13 supper-light wheels with custom painted centres
195/45 r13 Dunlop sp 9000 tires

Engine and Subframe
BTEC custom VTEC front subframe
B16A2 Honda VTEC Engine (approx 160-170bhp)
Performance filters
Custom 2 ½ inch bore exhaust
Custom painted cam cover
DTA engine management
Watson’s engineering final drive kit
Custom alloy radiator
K&N filter

Newton Commercial carpet set
SMC fibre glass dash with Honda dials and custom switch plates
Replacement LED switches
Recaro half leather front seats, Rears re-trimmed to match
Re-trimmed door cards
Alloy door furniture
Roll centre custom painted front and rear roll cage (no door bars or dash bar)
Smoked sun visors
Mountney steering wheel
Alloy peddles

Alpine CD head unit
Infinity 6x9 rear speakers
Infinity 5” front speakers
Infinity 12” sub in custom enclosure in boot
Magnat amp in boot
Auto leads wiring kit
Oxygen free cables
7.5” Screen mounted in dash